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Creating inspired interiors for discerning clients since 2003. Accepting clients in DC, Virginia, Maryland, and select cities throughout the United States.

Organizing Your Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closets are a luxurious amenity, providing a dedicated and personalized space for self-expression through your clothes and accessories.

The TMD Design Process

In this article, I will share my design process and how I transform spaces into personalized ones that bring joy and reflect the tastes and lifestyles of my clients.

Different Design Styles

From the organic shapes of Mid-Century modern design to the relaxed and soft charm of transitional design, there is a wide range of styles to garner inspiration. Keep reading for a guide to eight interior design styles.

Adding a Covered Porch to Your Home

If having an outdoor space that invites you to step outside while still allowing protection from the elements is your dream, adding a covered porch to your home might be right for you. Adding a covered porch enhances and extends your living space and increases your return on investment

Creating an Outdoor Living Space for Hosting

An outdoor living space has to provide the conveniences and aesthetics of an indoor space while also being well-equipped for the weather and other outdoor concerns. Keep reading for four design and hosting tips for creating an outdoor living space perfect for hosting.

Trends in Home Automation & Smart Technology

The customization of comfort is what is so alluring about smart technology, but it is important to keep in mind the data privacy risks as well—choosing smart home devices that allow you to opt in or out of data collection. Keep reading for 2023 trends in smart homes.

How an Interior Designer Can Add Value to Your Project

An interior designer can be helpful for clients who can't dedicate all of their time to the design process, for helping clients create a consistent design across their home, and for guidance from someone who has done this process many times before.

How to Live Through Your Home Renovation

Living at home during a major renovation is entirely possible, but knowing how to prepare can help manage expectations. Keep reading for six tips on how to live through a home renovation.

Color Schemes for Your Home

Establishing a color scheme can be a great way to tie your home together and create a flow from room to room without feeling too bland or uninspiring. While picking a color scheme for your whole house might sound daunting, keep reading for six tips on creating this cohesive look.

A Guide to Your Basement Remodel

If you need a change and want to maximize that coveted square footage, undergoing a basement remodel is a great project. Renovating a basement can provide a high return on investment and is one of the most customizable home improvement projects.

Creating Cozy Spaces in Your Home

Creating a comfortable and cozy environment in your home can be easier than you think. As the weather gets cooler, curating a snug and inviting ambiance can be accomplished with just a few steps. Keep reading for seven ways to make your home more comfortable and homey.

Kitchen & Bath Design Trends for 2023

Some of the most important rooms in our homes are the kitchen and bathroom, where every design element—including the layout, cabinetry, and tiles—must work together to produce maximum functionality to keep up with our demanding needs.

TMD’s Tips for an Organized Pantry

It takes a lot of effort to keep a pantry clean, especially when it comes time to restock. But, having a well-organized pantry can make all the difference in keeping it tidy—and helping it stay that way.

Designing a Beautiful & Functional Entryway

A well-designed entryway is the perfect transition from outside to indoors and works to welcome guests into your home. Entryways are also the first look at your home and introduce the style of your home to your guest.

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