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Bathroom Trends for 2024

bathroom trends for 2024
With the new year fast approaching, understanding the design trends that will shape the aesthetics for the upcoming year is crucial. One particular space designers have focused on is the bathroom, as it has evolved from a mere functional space into a relaxation hub. As a place to unwind and a focal point for creative expression, bathroom trends focus on luxury. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, keep reading for insight into 2024 bathroom trends redefining this space.

Comforting Colors: Warm Neutrals and Earth Tones

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, warmer tones will be all the rage in bathroom trends for 2024. While all-white bathrooms have traditionally been in style for their “clean” look, warmer whites, creams, and taupes are gaining popularity. The warm colors can provide more coziness and evoke the calming feeling of nature. Alongside warm neutrals, color is popular. Earthy tones such as deep blues, forest greens, terracotta reds, and mushroom browns will be popular in 2024. These more sophisticated colors work great in a bathroom and can also provide good lighting for looking in the mirror and elevate any space.

Bathroom Trends: Mixed Metals

Mixed metals will have their moment in 2024 bathroom trends. If you’re remodeling, consider mixing metals for your bathroom fixtures. All black plumbing can look dated, and mixing finishes and metals can add interest and character to your space. Unlacquered brass and polished nickel can be a great addition to any bathroom. Additionally, picking materials that mesh well or contrast in interesting ways can add style and complexity. Such as pairing stainless steel with an oxidized brass can accentuate the coolness of the steel and the warmth of the brass.

Spa-Like Features and Practicing Mindfulness

Another 2024 bathroom trend you should consider if you’re remodeling is creating a luxury spa-like bathroom at home. Spending more time at home has increased the desire to outfit bathrooms with hotel amenities like heated towel racks, hidden speakers, or recessed shelving. Some extras that homeowners choose more often include steam showers, massaging shower heads, and heated flooring. Soaker tubs are also popular as the trend towards creating a spa-like experience can be easily elevated with bathtubs. From soaking tubs with mood lighting to standalone tubs with temperature control, tubs can provide time to relax and unwind. Homeowners are also looking for more space in the bathroom, with ample space to sit, slow down, and practice mindfulness.

Creative and Artistic Spaces

Lastly, the primary trend for 2024 bathroom remodels is using the space as an outlet for creativity and artistic expression. Bathrooms aren’t just utilitarian but can (and should) have thoughtful and customized design choices that reflect the homeowner’s style. This can be seen with hand-crafted tiles, artisan wallpaper, and luxury materials to add design or decorative lighting. Bathroom tiling has come a long way from subway tiles and accent borders. Expect to see grid patterns in 2024 with richly toned or hand-crafted square tiles. Ambient and decorative lighting, as well as bold fixtures, will be popular this coming year. Finally, materials can be used to make a statement, such as adding marble to create patterns rather than using printed tiles.

Contact us if you are planning a bathroom project in the new year. We would love to discuss current trends with you!