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Embracing Serenity: Exploring the Latest Home Wellness Trends


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Embracing Serenity: Exploring the Latest Home Wellness Trends

home wellnessThe concept of home wellness has become popular in recent years. Trends show prospective buyers prioritize health impacts and wellness features when choosing a home. A report released this spring by the National Kitchen and Bath Association highlights this trend. And as this trend continues to rise, so does the opportunity to create environments that promote physical, mental, and emotional health. Keep reading for some top home wellness trends shaping the current market.

Mindful Spaces

According to experts, mental well-being is a top wellness priority. Creating quiet and dedicated spaces to unwind, reflect, and focus on mental health is an increasing trend. Renovation projects to create spaces for yoga, meditation, journaling, and reflection are also increasingly popular. Making sure these spaces have relaxing lighting is also important for these practices.

Hot and Cold

More wellness amenities, such as saunas (both infrared and regular), hydrotherapy tubs, and cold plunge baths, are on the rise. These trends come alongside the rise in the desire for home self-care practices that provide a holistic approach to wellness.

Gardens and Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is another wellness priority that has been a rising home trend for the past few years. Fostering a connection with nature, including home gardens, indoor plants, growing vegetation, and adding other natural elements to living spaces, is trendy. This connection can also be promoted with more windows and automated blinds to enhance circadian rhythms. Learn more about biophilic design in my article about trends to watch in the area of sustainable design.

Spa-Like Bathroom

Another way to increase wellness in the home is in the bathroom. Bathroom trends have evolved to strive for a relaxing and rejuvenating environment in addition to a functional space. The spa-like bathroom trend has gained significant traction in 2024. Wellness amenities like ambient lighting, aromatherapy, soaker tubs, steam showers, and ample storage for skincare products are all popular home wellness trends. See my recent article about bathroom trends for 2024 for more ideas.


The kitchen has also become an important space to practice health and wellness. This can include antimicrobial countertops, upgraded appliances such as steam ovens or air fryers, and even upgraded pantries to include areas for smoothies or clean juice making, protein powders, and more. Combined with the biophilic design trend, creating spaces for homegrown produce and prioritizing a fully functional outdoor kitchen area are increasingly popular home wellness features.

Home Fitness

One of the most popular home wellness trends that has seen a notable surge in popularity is home gyms and dedicated fitness spaces. These spaces are becoming more personalized and intimate with the homeowners’ needs. In addition to bikes, treadmills, and other weight equipment, there has been a shift to also including physical recovery-focused equipment. This can include items such as massage chairs, foam rollers, stretch machines, and more.

If you want to add more wellness-focused features to your home or learn more about embracing a healthy home, please don’t hesitate to contact me today.