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Designing the Perfect Year-Round Outdoor Entertaining Area


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Designing the Perfect Year-Round Outdoor Entertaining Area

outdoor entertaining areaImagine the joy of relaxing or hosting friends in your outdoor space on a sunny summer day. Now, picture the cozy warmth of gathering around a fire pit during the winter. By designing your outdoor entertaining space for year-round use, you can experience these moments and more, making the most out of your outdoor area.

With the right design, your outdoor area can be more than just a space. It can become a special environment where you create cherished memories. By extending your home into the outdoors, you can transform your outdoor entertaining setup into a welcoming and adaptable space. Read on for ideas on how to make this transformation a reality.

Outdoor Entertaining: Protection and Adaptability

Ensuring that your outdoor entertaining space is weatherproof is one of the most important things you can do to protect it all year round. Installing structures such as pergolas, gazebos, awnings, porches, curtains, or overhangs can provide shade during the summer and shelter from rain, wind, and snow. Besides the practical weather-based reasons, adding these features can enhance the aesthetics of your backyard.

A structure such as a pergola can ground your space, add privacy, and become a centerpiece for a garden. Training plants with visual interest, such as wisteria, roses, or clematis to climb your shelter can make your outdoor area feel more intentional while adding color and greenery to your space.

In addition to protection features, equip your outdoor entertaining area with all-weather furniture from materials that can withstand weather changes, such as teak. Always use furniture covers and outdoor cushions and rugs to protect your space all year long. See my article Outdoor Furniture Care for more ideas about protecting your outdoor furniture during the winter months.

Heating and Cooling

Fire is a year-round crowd-pleaser, so installing fire pits, fireplaces, or heaters in your outdoor entertaining area is a worthwhile investment. Fire pits and fireplaces can be a focal point in your space to gather and cozy up, while heaters are more for warmth than decor. While gathering around a firepit for s’mores or friendly conversations is a summer classic, adding a weather feature more specific to improve the summer heat, such as fans or a misting system, can level up your space year-round. Adding a ceiling fan can be a great way to circulate air if you have a covered area.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining

Creating an outdoor kitchen and dining area can transform your backyard into a hosting hub all year long. Adding a built-in grill or a portable grill can be a great addition to your space and make cooking much easier. If you’re feeling more elaborate, adding a pizza oven, smoker, or side burners can elevate your cooking options. To complete the kitchen space, adding countertops, a sink, a minifridge, and weatherproof cabinets makes prepping much easier and centralized.

A bar area can also provide guests with a refreshing drink in the summer months. And during the colder months, when sitting outside for a meal isn’t an option, an outdoor bar area can be the perfect place to enjoy hot cocoa or some warm apple cider, spiked or not. See my article, Your Outdoor Kitchen: Creating the Perfect Outdoor Oasis, for more ideas.

Outdoor Entertaining: Investing in Your Home

Investing in your outdoor entertaining spaces can increase your home’s appeal and enhance your entertaining abilities. For more inspiration and ideas on elevating your outdoor living areas, see my articles on the topic: Get Ready for Warm-Weather Hosting: Tips for Outdoor Spaces and Creating an Outdoor Living Space for Hosting.