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Exciting Custom Home Trends to See in 2024


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Exciting Custom Home Trends to See in 2024

custom home trends for 2024
You might not need to redesign your home every year, but understanding home trends can be a great way to learn about home design and garner inspiration when you want to freshen up your interiors. And if you are building a custom home, knowing what is trending can help inform your design decisions. Keep reading to learn about what existing trends are continuing in the new year and which new ones are emerging.

Knockout Kitchen

Backsplashes and appliance garages are just some of the trends in custom home design expected in 2024. Backsplashes are a way to make a statement in your kitchen and create a focal point. Blending traditional tile backsplash over the countertops with a more modern slab of stone backsplash behind the range can be a way to get the best of both worlds and still make your kitchen cohesive. This design can add vertical height to your kitchen while creating dramatic visual interest with the tiles. Appliance garages will have a resurgence in 2024 custom homes as homeowners look to declutter their countertops and find a place to store their appliances. Additionally, walk-in pantries can become appliance garages with enough power outlets to use them in the space.

Dynamic Designs

Fluted and herringbone designs will be increasingly popular in 2024 to accent bathroom vanities, kitchen islands, and even dining room tables. Adding intrigue and movement, the textured detail leans away from minimalist trends and returns to maximalist tendencies in custom home design. Herringbone is a classic pattern for flooring, kitchen, and bathroom. Iterations of this pattern are being laid in new ways, such as diagonally or vertically, to update this look.

Back to Basics

Traditional details are timeless, and adding these features to your home can be a great way to ensure the longevity of your custom home design. Even homes with more modern styles include timeless features such as rustic wood and brick elements. More traditional motifs with upgraded modern features will be popular in 2024.

Color Wheels

Warm tones will be all the rage in 2024, with warm neutrals and creamy whites becoming increasingly popular in custom home trends. These warm tones are expected to be popular throughout the home to create a calm and welcoming environment. Blue color schemes are also likely to be a popular trend in custom home design, with many shades of blue named the color of the year for 2024.

One of A Kind

Custom and handmade features, such as handcrafted tiles or custom vanities, will gain popularity in 2024. Wanting more custom and unique designs is a part of a larger home design trend as a way to add charm to your home. Home customization trends also include lighting and architectural detailing.

Mud-Laundry Rooms

Another custom home trend increasing in popularity in 2024 is tackling mess and dirt with a combined mud-laundry room. Adding a mud-laundry room can contain messes and provide one place to keep and clean dirty or muddy items without tracking it into the rest of the home.

The new year is bound to be full of new design developments. Learn about a few more trends that will potentially have staying power for many months — and even maybe years — to come in this recent article.