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Tracy’s Tips to Spring Cleaning

spring cleaningSpring is finally arriving in the DC metro area. The days are getting longer, the birds are singing, and our famous cherry trees will soon be in bloom. However, for many of us, our home feels like it is suffering from the winter blues. How can we rejuvenate? Spring cleaning is a long-held tradition that allows us to freshen-up our homes and get a jump start on the warmer months.

So, open the windows and read on for some of my favorite spring-cleaning tips.

“Green” Cleaning

Oftentimes, common household products work just as well as chemical cleaners. For your spring cleaning this year, try the following:

Baking soda helps to eliminate odors from your refrigerator. Sprinkle it over a damp sponge and gently scrub marks off walls and mildew off shower curtains. Mixed with vinegar, baking soda can help clear clogged drains.

Lemons make a wonderfully-perfumed general cleaner when left to infuse in white vinegar for a couple of weeks. Add lemon juice to a bowl of water, pop into a microwave on high for three minutes, and then wipe the inside with a clean cloth for a spotless microwave.

White vinegar is fantastic at cutting through grease and works well for cleaning windows. If your showerhead is blocked, submerge it in vinegar overnight. If your copper, brass, or pewter pieces are looking dull create a paste of vinegar, salt, and flour to scrub away tarnish.

“Simply” Cleaning

Though it may seem an easy solution, don’t always reach for the vacuum cleaner. The natural bristles of a broom are excellent at picking up crumbs and debris. Dirt-trapping mats placed by your outside doors can stop muck from getting trodden through the house. Rugs can be taken outside and beaten. And whenever possible, use cloth towels instead of paper.

“Power” Cleaning

While you are spring cleaning your home, look for ways to make it more energy efficient. Unplug unnecessary devices to stop them draining electricity. Clean dryer vents and the coils on the refrigerator. Appliances will work more efficiently if they are lint and grime-free.

“Small” Cleaning

Start small with your spring cleaning by reorganizing a small space. Bathrooms and front porches can be decluttered quickly. Old soaps and shampoo that you no longer use should be thrown out. Burned-out candles can be replaced with a new, seasonal fresh scent. Pots of last season’s plants can be tossed or replaced.

“Smart” Cleaning

Why not employee smart technology in your cleaning routine? Currently on the market are products such as roving robots capable of vacuuming and mopping and high-tech trash cans that seal bags with a single tap of a button. And don’t forget to disinfect your devices, remote controls, gaming systems, headphones, and more with a blast of powerful UV-C lights that can eliminate up to up 99.99 percent of bacteria and germs.

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