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Heating Choices for a New Home


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Heating Choices for a New Home

living room with fireplace heatingAs a construction-minded designer, I have many years of experience helping my clients not only design beautiful interior spaces but also advising them on the construction process. I like to say that I plan for a project from the “outside in,” meaning that I help my clients make choices about what goes on behind the walls of their homes. And one of the most essential elements of any home is its heating system.

The interior design of a home impacts the type of heating system that is best for the house. This article provides a general outline of different types of heating a homeowner may choose from.

For open-concept homes with high ceilings and large open spaces, radiant heating may be the best choice. Radiant heating systems warm the space by providing heat to the panels in the floor, ceiling, or walls of a home. This ensures that the people, and not the open space surrounding them, are warm. Warming your home using radiant heating has a number of benefits, including; it is more efficient than baseboard or forced-air heating and it doesn’t distribute allergens around the space.

For more traditional home layouts that include enclosed and well-insulated living spaces, convective heating may be preferred. This type of heat transfers warmth from one room to the other using forced air. The benefit of using this kind of heating is that it is very easy to control (if zoned properly).

Many homeowners choose to install zone heating in addition to their primary heating source. These systems can be incorporated into any interior layout and are designed to heat a particular zone. One popular choice is the ductless, split-systems that provide both warm and cool air.

From an interior designer’s perspective, the best choice of heat for any home is a fireplace. Though not the most efficient, a fireplace offers a wonderful touch to any space—and don’t be surprised if it becomes the focal point of the room. In addition to the traditional indoor fireplace, an outdoor fireplace instantly creates a spot where everyone wants to gather. And in a time when outdoor living during any season is popular, it makes a terrific focal point around which to host family and friends.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of heating choices, but merely several options that a homeowner may want to consider. Please contact me today if you have any questions or would like to discuss your options further