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6 Popular Furniture Trends You Need to Know in 2024


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6 Popular Furniture Trends You Need to Know in 2024

furniture trendsAs we kick off the new year, exploring different popular furniture trends can help you make design choices that will last. Styles may ebb and flow, so it is important to figure out what styles speak to you and be deliberate when choosing furniture that can last a lifetime in your home. Designers predict that 2024 furniture trends will be a more thoughtful and personal choice with the potential of its legacy in mind. Here are six trends that balance contemporary style and long-lasting appeal.

1. Multipurpose Furniture

With more of a focus on durable designs to last through the trend cycle and routine wear and tear, 2024 will see furniture chosen on a piece-to-piece basis rather than by following specific designs. 2024 will be a year for more mixed styles and eclectic design trends to be popular. Flexibility will also be important, with pieces that serve multiple functions being more popular.

2. Furniture with Curves

Soft lines and furniture with curves and rounded styles will continue their popularity in 2024. The curved edges can soften your space and add fluidity, especially in a room with many straight edges or silhouettes. It provides comforting and relaxing vibes and feeds into the rising trend of organic shapes in furniture and home decor.

3. Dark Wood and Earth Tones

If you were wondering about the popularity of wood tones in 2024, darker woods are expected to be more popular. Ebony, walnut, and mahogany are all finding their way back into style. In addition to darker woods, darker and earthy tones are also reemerging in style. Browns, golds, greens, grays, and reds are all expected to be popular this year.

4. Mix and Match Furniture

The trend to blend modern designs and traditional elements will persist throughout 2024. This year, curated eclectic designs will rise in popularity to make spaces feel new and timeless. For example, more classic pieces are reimagined with contemporary materials or finishes to fuse old and new designs.

5. Statement Pieces

Another trend we will see in 2024 is statement pieces. Designers are not shying away from color and pattern; a statement piece can truly transform a space. A unique and more artistic piece of furniture that separates from the room can become a focal point.

6. Fabric and Upholstery

Similar to statement pieces, there is a pivot to more bold and colorful fabric choices. The fun prints and designs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s are being seen more in the fabrics chosen for furniture pieces. Upholstery is also making a big comeback this year, in part because of the trend for material diversity.

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